Saffron Imported from Taliouine Morocco

About the product
- 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Saffron, Premium Quality
- Hand-picked from the saffron fields of Taliouine, Morocco, and brought to your kitchen
- You will receive saffron with vivid crimson coloring, slight moistness, elasticity, and lack of broken-off thread debris
- Each stage of production is done by hand
- Morocco is the fourth largest producer of saffron in the world
About the product
- PREMIUM QUALITY : The superb quality of the world comparing it with all types of saffron (Iran / Spain / India...)
- NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES : 100 % Organic, Naturally Hand Picked without any additives or preservatives
- NOT JUST FOR COOKING : Our saffron is not only adds great flavor and aroma to your dishes but saffron is known to have many health benefits
- PRODUCT FROM MOROCCO : Imported from Taliouine Morocco in a small glass jar (2 Grams / 0.070 oz ) of Highest Quality
Shipping from Morocco to various countries of the world
- Price : 3,5 € / 1 g
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